Project Details

The DIY Keyboard Project is an open hardware development project with the goal of making all of the CAD files, microcontroller code, etc… necessary for a hobbyist to build a digital keyboard freely available. Because of the open nature of the project we don't really distinguish between Users and Developers and everyone is welcome to join.

What does it mean for to be an open source hardware project?

All of the design documents (including but not limited to CAD files, PCB's layouts, and electronics schematics) that are protected by copyright law will be released under the GPL 3 license. All information / documentation posted to the wiki falls under the default wikidot license, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Everything that is contributed the the diykeyboard project will be hosted either on the diykeyboard wiki or in the diykeyboard code repository. All discussions of topics related to digital keyboard design are welcomed on the diykeyboard google forum, and may include discussion of external projects, be they open or closed source. Please do not use the name of the DIY Keyboard project directly in the promotion of outside projects.

The purpose of all of this licensing stuff is to facilitate collaboration by making sure that any user can use, modify, and re-distribute anything on diykeyboard without being inconvenienced by an inconsistent license policy.

The DIY Keyboard Project was started by Drew Wagner on April 10, 2008.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License